Flue-Gas Dust Collector

The Teldust Fluegas Dustcollector is suitable for flue gasses with high temperature. The temperature range goes up to 260 °C. Filter bags and cages are adjusted to the actual working conditions, such as temperature, humidity and content of chemicals in the gasses. The filter is especially designed for an extremely low energy consumption.

The cyclone inlet has a unique designed pre-separator with a spark trap, which give a high safety against sparks getting in contact with the filter bags.

The Fluegas Dustcollector is by standard delivered with scraper bottom. As an option we can supply control panel, hot water tracing (at the top, middle or bottom), electrical tracing, isolation, by-pass system, water extinguishing and CO2 fire extinguisher.

Application range of the filter is straw burning, biomass burning, waste burning, wood waste, wood chips and the capacity goes from 1.500 to 200.000 m³/h (0,5-80 mw)- tailored to your needs.


App features


of Flue-Gas Dust Collector

High temperature

Fluegas Dustcollector is suitable for flue
gasses with high temperature. The temperature range goes up to 260 °C.

Various applications

Application range of the Fluegas Dustcollector is straw burning, biomass burning, waste burning, wood waste and wood chips.

Wide capacity

Capacity of Fluegas Dustcollector goes
from 1.500 to 200.000 m³/h (0,5-80 mw)
- tailored to your needs.


of Flue-Gas Dust Collector



Size: 4,5 MW

Fuel type: straw

Emission: < 5 mg

Lifetime bags: 3 years



Size: 4 MW

Fuel type: straw

Emission: < 5 mg

Lifetime bags: 3 years



Size: 1,5 MW

Fuel type: wood

Emission: < 5 mg

Lifetime bags: 4 years

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